Why should I use the e-wallet to pay for tours on this platform?

Created by Mathieu Ducros, Modified on Sat, 15 Apr 2023 at 11:52 PM by Mathieu Ducros

Using the e-wallet benefits everyone involved - you, the guide, and us. When you pay for a tour using a credit card or other payment method, the payment solution takes a fee, which includes a fixed amount. By using the e-wallet to pay for tours, you can help us reduce these costs and save money. This, in turn, allows us to pay our guides more and maintain our platform at a high level. Additionally, using the e-wallet can make it easier for you to pay for multiple tours, as you only need to add funds to your e-wallet once and then use that balance to pay for each tour. Overall, using the e-wallet is a great way to support our platform, our guides, and ultimately, your own travel experiences.

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